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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Asian Exodus Deux

To the 4 nation gang, I know this ain't some consolation. In fact, chances are that I'll be vilified as a total jerkass b/c S'pore can and will never be able to participate in the World Cup. Let alone hosting one. Therefore...

Aussies, pls take note...
Possible role-dubbed CV+BigWorld Tech

Persians, pls take note...
Possible influence-Tamuria (i.e. 0% actual participation, 100% plot impact. Apparently, the Persians should be rightfully feared in terms of the ancient military badass metre)

日本人, 注意してください...

한국인, 참고하시기 바랍니다
Possible position-programming+you know what loketest means?. :P

Diff pattern for diff console LOL!

Nintendo 3DS/PSP/PS Vita/PS4/XBox360

Android/ iOS/Windows Phone
Turn based RPG

How to Control like a boss
[Turn based RPG first]
For a lack of better comparison, try playing Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics. Then you'll most likely grasp the fundamental concept. Actually come to think of it, isn't that the type of correct creativity them Japanese are still famous for?

At the same time, I need to thank everyone @Gazillion Entertainment  working his/her ass off. Granted no game is perfect unless the creators happen to be gods and goddesses, but at least I managed to glean an idea or more by playing Marvel Heroes.

Disclaimer I
Note that I'm not advertising any given brand b/c I'm just a piss poor blogger with an honest daily job. In short, no one paid me to do all these nonsense thus far.

Disclaimer II
Realised I can never pull off any endorsement deal like all those famous kings and queens of blogosphere. Either I'm used to being piss poor or too used in staying a free man. Most likely both added together.

How to control like a boss
[Order from left-Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft]
X/Triangle/Y: Basic Attack

Y/Square/X: Skill 1

B/Cross/A: Skill 2

A/Circle/B: Skill 3

Bumper ver.S+M
R1: Stance
R2: Item usage

L1: Tumble
L2: Step

R2+L2=Sudden Cancel

R1+L1+R2+L2+70% Stamina/100% Adrenaline=Feat
R1+L1+R2+R1+30% HP or less+100% Adrenaline=Surge Drive*
*heightened effect with 30% HP or less

Bumper ver.N
R: Stance

L: Item usage

R+L+70% Stamina/100% Adrenaline=Feat
R+L+30% HP or less+100% Adrenaline=Surge Drive*
*heightened effect with 30% HP or less

Describing like a boss
Basic Attack
Consumes 1% of your character's Stamina

Will consume whatever amount of Stamina listed in the skill description.

Will trigger certain effects once your character's Stance is interrupted. Increases Stamina regeneration so long the Stance animation remains uninterrupted.

Item usage
Self explanatory.

Knockdown recovery. Note that your character will be vulnerable this way.
Character's Adrenaline will automatically reset to 0.

Your character will either hop backwards perform a sidestep. Can only be used under two circumstances:
1. Successful Dodge/Parry
2. When your character has yet to engage the enemy.

Removes all Hinder debuffs suffered by your character. You character gains immunity against all Hinder debuffs this way.
Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown: 3 minutes

Sudden Cancel
You can manually interrupt your character's Stance this way. However, this will also nullify the Stance effect.
Consumes 40% Stamina.
+10% maximum Adrenaline for 1 minute,

Plus the rest...
Ever played BlazBlue? Def not me. Then I realised I ended up playing Black Panther like some 2D fighter chump... T_T
Feat=actual Overdrive 
Surge Drive=similar concept to Astral

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