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Friday, 18 July 2014

Ranger Tactics (only for phones which are smart)+Ex Thrylos (only for individual meant to console)

Girls most likely to play Nintendo:
Lolyx, Yeras Wynda, Lara von Dirkwind and Kazama Asuka
(acts/want to live like a free lass)

Girls most likely to play Xbox 360:
Karen Tenias, Joenne Nances and Seung Mi-na
(live/treated like a princess)

Girls most likely to play PS3:
Sarel Aprhos, Ceres and Aozaki Aoko
(looks/acts like a hot redhead)

Girls who play smartphones:
Alestrial Eliaden, Kagetus no Hyo'Ah and Nanaya no Geun'Jin
(East Asians high on Stark Tech*)

Guess this one will be brief... gonna start w/the smartphone ver first...

Touchscreen interface:
Self explanatory.

Character menu:
Every character will have his/her own menu.
Character menu consists of 7 slots.
4 slots are reserved for Skills and Magic with the last 2 slots occupied by Feat and Surge Drive respectively.
First slot belongs to Basic Attack.
Each character menu also has a second set reserved for Items.
You can toggle between both sets of the character menus.

Stamina and Adrenaline:
Applicable to smart ver also, finer details below.

Now for the universal stuff/ARPG ver...
Default party size is 4 (for turned based ver) and 5 (for ARPG ver).
In addition to your default party, you can also hire sellswords (maximum number is 2 for turn based ver and 3 for ARPG ver).
Every character has 6 parameters. 3 of them are considered Elemental stats while the other 3 are known as Spirit stats.
Elemental stats-Fire, Earth, Air, Water
Spirit stats-Mind, Technique, Body

Elemental stats:
Fire-affects amount of actual damage dealt.
Earth-affects your character's overall HP and resistance to Hinder effects.
Air-affects evasion* and movement (for turn based ver); affects Dodge (for ARPG ver).
[*Evasion merely affects the chances of avoiding damage altogether.]
Water-affects amount of XP earned, chances of avoiding Hinder effects caused by opponent Skills (for both ver) and character turn order (for turn based ver).

Spirit stats:
Mind-affects critical damage and Adrenaline buildup.
Technique-affects Parry, hit accuracy and chance to critical hit.
Body-affects base damage and maximum Stamina.

Differences between Elemental and Spirit:
Elemental stats are subjected to buffs and Hinder effects.
Spirit stats are subjected only to Hinder effects.
Hinder effects targeting Spirit stats will have the duration halved.

Skills and Magic:
Skills will consume a certain portion of the character's Stamina.
Hinder effects caused by Skills can only target Elemental stats.
Magic consumes a certain percentage of current HP.
Hinder effects caused by Magic can target both Elemental and Spirit stats.
Magic has a higher average hit chance and damage.

Details on Item usage:
You can decide for your characters which items to use when exploring.
This must be done in a Settlement.
Only 4 Items can be selected with maximum quota per slot listed under that Item's description.
Holding down the Item usage button and pressing the relevant button (i.e. Basic Attack and Skill 1-3) will trigger that Item's effect.
You can use more than 1 slot for the same Item. However, slot quota still stays at 4.

How to sort/group Items for usage:
X/Triangle/Y-Item slot 1
Y/Square/X-Item slot 2
B/Cross/A-Item slot 3
A/Circle/B-Item slot 4

Stamina regenerates over time.
Using Basic Attack and Skills will take up Stamina.
Amount of Stamina left will affect the maximum amount of Adrenaline.

Adrenaline acts as an important modifier in dealing damage, i.e. the higher your character's Adrenaline, the higher damage dealt.*
Adrenaline builds up faster whenever your character receives damage; damage amount received will affect how much Adrenaline is earned this way.*
[*A/N: Above factor applies to both Magic and Skills.]
Adrenaline builds up whenever your character executes a Basic Attack or any damage oriented Skill.
Adrenaline will start decreasing if your character isn't fighting during combat.
Adrenaline will NOT affect any Hinder or buff effect.
If your character's Adrenaline reaches 0, that character receives -10% in ALL damage dealt.

Parry and Dodge:
Both actions are automatically executed in accordance to the relevant stats, i.e. Air for Dodge and Technique for Parry.
Executing Step after a successful Parry will ensure one free attack/action.
Executing Step after a successful Dodge automatically results in a Basic Attack which cannot be avoided by the opponent so long your character is of a higher level.
Using Step before engaging any opponent heightens the chance of a successful Parry/Dodge.

To be cont'd...

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