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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Lore of the Known World: Rangers

Suddenly realized that Rangers in Neverwinter are quintessentially the same as their Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale counterparts. For those who have played some old school D&D PC goodness, you all should know. Ironically, human opponents enjoy marking my Hunter Ranger for death. Either I'm a liability 10 out of 10 times or they actually know how dangerous the likes of Messi and Ronaldo are. Either way, Domination PvP is not for those who cannot handle tough situations in life due to external forces at work. To quote a certain somebody still alive...

"One of the most important things I learnt from Bobby Robson is that when you win, you shouldn't assume you are the team, and when you lose, you shouldn't think you are rubbish."
~José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix aka José Mourinho

"Where the untamed wilds rule, there we shall be."
~a common Ranger's motto

The Wild Men.
Those Who Hunt.
Individuals known as Rangers.

Making their home in the wilds, they will never lift a finger for the innocent in need. Their life is to hunt or be hunted, to be the predator or prey. Most capable in their respective Expertise, these killers nurtured by nature are known as the most dangerous opponent one can ever hope to meet. Incapable of Magic, yet their skill in martial prowess is surely without peer.

Indeed what is truly important to them is this: an oath sworn to protect their niche against any intruders. Be one mortal or a Demon, no Ranger would ever ask needless questions before striking from behind or the flank.

"If 'tis a Ranger's gold, then 'tis a Ranger's keep."
~a common bounty hunter's saying

In spite of a tendency to shun any semblance of settlement, understanding civilisation has form a major part of their lives. As bounty hunters, they always select the most dangerous tasks available.

Gold and silver means nothing to them, for the thrill of a challenging hunt is all that matters. Where the Rangers are, only death awaits.

"If you see a Ranger's blade, please run away.
If you see his face, please pray yourself away.
If she's a lass, please pass away."
~"Those dangin' Rangers"
(a common song sung by minstrels in taverns)

Moments of friction to any Ranger is a must, those of nobility in particular tend to resent their presence. To these high class individuals, disdain for low-lives is a trait barely disguised. Yet, only a fool would ignore the valuable martial service offered by sellswords. On the other hand, Rangers always despise the rich and powerful due to their pleasure in hunting animals as trophies.

For the commoners who have to hunt in order to provide, a Ranger is one's best friend. Frequent deaths attributed to such warriors is a common occurrence, many a brash noble youth has discovered death a little too late. Man or woman, the vindictive fury of a Ranger understands no difference. Nigh untouchable bar their equals in combat, lending aid to them is nothing more than a convenient choice.

While they're always hired as sellswords in any event of war, there would be exception cases where one may pledge his service in arms due to personal debt owed.

"Man against man, beast against beast, my weapon versus your armour."
~statement of duel announced by a Ranger

Conflict against the frivolous and greedy is merely a tip of the iceberg, there's no difference between hunting and combat before a Ranger's eyes. As if guided by instinct, they would always be drawn to any battle once the scent of blood greeted them. Thrill of the hunt is no different from the thrill of shedding blood, beast and mortal are merely prey. Indeed they say beasts can only be beasts, mutual intent of devouring the only way. In particularly, they will be drawn to the presence of Demons like packs of hounds to a bleeding prey where only one party can only survive.

"My weapon is a space of steel, my only armour a shadow true."
~truth behind a Ranger's words

Rangers are renowned as the greatest masters of arms the Known World has ever seen. The path of weaponmastery should never be a question asked, dedication to one's chosen style is all that matters. Where they learn their trade, no one knows the key. Their command in Magic is negligible at best, nonexistent at worst. Yet, this does not mean they are incapable of killing Demons. The definition and standard of Magic still remains a topic of debate unresolved, let alone whether any Ranger should be considered an Aesir despite boasting no allegiance to the independent city of Napishtim.

Dueling wise, what truly made Rangers rightfully feared is down to an uncanny ability to teleport. Anywhere within an eleven feet radius is counted as dangerous territory, radial range of seven feet or less is deemed both fatal and inescapable.

Tactically wise, they're regarded as more fearsome than even the finest assassin. Utilising different manner of terrain, Rangers tend serve as scouts and skirmishers. Hiding in the shadows has never been a problem, both beyond the walls of civilisation and within. More oft than not, Rangers are more than able to weave in and out of enemy ranks.

It has been said that none engaging a Huntsband (i.e. any band of skirmishers led by a Ranger or a pure band of Rangers) can ever survive or at least know what hit them. To a Ranger, wiping out the enemy force should never be considered. Inducing chaos within the enemy ranks is the only way to go, many a time men numbering hundreds have destroyed themselves. Is it any wonder that commanders living on both sides of conflict would always confer upon Rangers this nickname?

Hounds of Silence and the Dark